Orlando's Column, built in 1419, is the oldest preserved public sculpture in Dubrovnik. On the occasion of 600th anniversary of building the column, year 2019 was proclaimed as "The Year of Orlando" (cro."Orlandova Godina") in Dubrovnik. City of Dubrovnik will mark this anniversary with a series of cultural, scientific, entertainment, sports and educational programmes.

For the purpose of visually connecting the year 2019 with 600th anniversary of installing Orlando's column on Luz Square, we decided to highlight the year with the same frame as the one that highlights Orlando's figure on the pillar. In this way we emphasize 2019 as a whole — a result of various events dedicated to marking the anniversary — and at the same time we leave space for each event to be individually highlighted within the "The Year of Orlando".

The primary logo is used in most occasions, especially in horizontal formats, while the secondary, compact version, is ideal for vertical formats and digital application in common square formats (e.g. social networks).

To make this link consistent, for bilingual names in the logo, a lettering has been designed inspired by the same stylistic features as the logo itself. Reflecting on the approach that should — despite the intensive use of visuals for various purposes — keep the identity fresh throughout the year, we opted for a 4-color system that would refresh its visual language within its periodic appearance. As a proposal for categorization we took 4 seasons, so each color allowed us a 3 month period of use.